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Goes the extra mile

With the durability, strength and skid-resistance associated with SteelPhalt products made from steel slag aggregate, UltraGrip also uses modified bitumen which gives the asphalt greater flexibility and elasticity. UltraGrip is more economical than standard materials of 30mm or 40mm since it only needs to be laid at a depth of 25mm, resulting in faster installation times, reduced labor and greater surfacing areas for the same volume of product.

Proven performance

Like many other SteelPhalt products, UltraGrip consists of 95% recycled materials. This is an added benefit to customers who wish to meet sustainability criteria.

Our personnel will provide training and support as well as keep records of trained staff.

Performance statistics

A client was planning to use a traditional 10mm surface course laid 40mm deep. It was suggested that they should use UltraGrip as an alternative solution to be laid 25mm thick.

By using UltraGrip, 6.5% less asphalt was required to surface the job, saving 4.3% on material costs.

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Sustainability credentials.

With a reputation for first-class products matched by a commitment to innovation and sustainability, SteelPhalt works in partnership with councils, local authorities and contractors nationwide to deliver durable roads for a sustainable world.

UltraGrip laboratory tests.

Laboratory trials at the University of Ulster have shown that UltraGrip meets the minimum Skid Resistance Value (SRV) of 70 under test conditions.

Specimens have been subjected to a total of 100,000 wheel passes as required by the BBA, equivalent to traffic wear during 5 to 10 years in service life. In each case, UltraGrip met the requirements for Type 1, 2 and 3 applications, proving its credentials as a durable and effective product.

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Sustainable asphalt solutions