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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is steel slag asphalt as good as natural aggregate asphalt?
    Yes, it is. In many respects, the combined benefits of steel slag aggregate make SteelPhalt products superior to natural aggregate asphalt – but with the added environmental benefits of simultaneously reducing both quarrying and landfill.
  • Does steel slag expand?
    Steel slag is a by-product of steel manufacture and does contain small quantities of uncombined (free) lime, which will expand in the presence of moisture. However, if slag is controlled and processed correctly, this phenomenon can be reduced and does not adversely affect the asphalt.
  • Does SteelPhalt produce the same types of asphalt as other national suppliers?
    Yes, SteelPhalt supplies asphalt, compliant with national and European standards, but we also produce a range of proprietary surfacing materials with specific properties to match the demanding requirements of a wide variety of applications/situations.
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