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  • Rut-resistant
  • Skid-resistant
  • Durable under extreme stress
  • Heavy-duty & long-lasting
  • SteelSurf performance statistics

    Built for heavy vehicle transportation

    SteelSurf is made to maintain surface stability under the slow-moving scrubbing action of heavy vehicle tires. It is used in heavy industries such as coal, electricity, ports and sugar manufacturing. The durable asphalt is used by local authorities in locations like road intersections and industrial estates.

    Proven performance

    Manufactured from steel slag aggregate, SteelSurf excels in heavy-duty applications, withstanding road surface wear in extreme load conditions. It has achieved excellent results in a range of demanding applications.

    Performance statistics

    South Yorkshire County Council was the first local authority to adopt SteelSurf, and other surrounding highway authorities have followed by using SteelSurf in road intersections and industrial estates.

    warehouse floor and barrels

    High-stress materials for various applications.

  • Warehouse floors
    SteelSurf is highly suited for use on warehouse floors, which are subject to the sharp turning motion of mobile loading equipment and heavy loads during long periods, e.g. stacks of large paper rolls. SteelSurf achieves negligible chipping loss owing to its binder adhesion.
  • Urban highways
    High volumes of slow-moving channelised traffic can cause premature road surface failure, a problem which several Local Authorities have solved by using SteelSurf. SteelSurf is proven to withstand the demands of the modern urban transportation network because of its high durability and resistance to deformation.
  • Steel mills & plants
    Owing to its high durability and resistance to deformation, SteelSurf has been successfully used in extremely high stress conditions such as steel mills. SteelSurf is proven to withstand the heavy axle loads and slow turning forces common in this environment.
  • SteelSurf laboratory tests.

    SteelSurf shows excellent skid resistance above the investigation level when evaluated with SteelPhalt’s grip testing program.

    SteelSurf is also effective at maintaining surface stability under the slower-moving scrubbing action of heavy vehicle tires. Other heavy industries such as coal, electricity, docks, ports and sugar manufacturing also find that SteelSurf delivers the durability vital to keep production traffic running smoothly.

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    Sustainable asphalt solutions

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