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Research & Development

SteelPhalt team member working with equipment

SteelPhalt’s onsite laboratory facilitates compliance with our quality protocols.

We ensure that we meet our high standards of quality products and service.

Our extensive knowledge in the research and development of steel slag asphalts is utilized around the world within Harsco. We have worked very closely with our suppliers to design asphalts for specific applications which can be seen within our products range.

We have worked with TRL (Transport Research Laboratory) over the last 3 years to produce and publish reports on the durability, and skid performance of steel slag asphalts. From our own Grip Testing program, we could see that Steel Slag delivered better skid resistance than obtained from laboratory PSV testing.

From this, we commissioned TRL to assess the skid resistance as well as comment on the durability of the products. In addition, polishing resistance was conducted in the laboratory using the friction after polishing test to establish if this was a more representative test for steel slag.

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SteelPhalt truck laying pavement

Quality Control

Research & Development

  • Sheffield Hallam University: Research on skid resistance, deformation, and thin surfacing materials
  • Total UK: Joint development of Cold Mix products
  • Construction Industry Research Information Association (CIRIA): Research on the use of industrial by-products in road construction

Empirical Testing

  • Testing: Nottingham Asphalt Tester
  • Wear and Tear: Wheel Tracking Test
  • Grip Tester: Under external road conditions

Design Prototype

  • Standard Marshall Design Method: Development at the SteelPhalt plant
  • Methodical Testing: Various design methods used depending on the type of product being developed
  • Simulative Testing: Testing at the SteelPhalt plant

Product Approval

  • Standards Compliant: British/European Standards
  • Approved to High Standards: Highway Aggregate Product Approval Scheme (HAPAS in UK)

Sustainable asphalt solutions