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Safe and economical road surfacing that only needs to be laid at 25mm thick.
For heavy-duty industrial applications and designed to resist deformation caused by heavy loading of specialist vehicles.
High-performance asphalt surfacing designed to meet the demands of modern traffic conditions.
Economical road surfacing that only needs to be laid at 15mm thick.
A recycled base course that can be installed in all weather conditions and is instantly trafficable.

All SteelPhalt slag aggregates typically achieve a PSV of 62. However, following research undertaken by Transport Research Laboratory and published in reports PPR737, PPR773 and PPR810, along with further inhouse testing, SteelPhalt’s products performed satisfactory in all the categories identified in the highlighted cells within the table below (which is taken from CD236) where the recommended PSV is frequently higher than 62.

To see what alternative products could be used, just hover the cursor over the required cell to show which SteelPhalt products we suggest.

Any products / values not highlighted indicate there are no products currently available.

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We make recommendations based on your site specifications, and provide alternative product suggestions.

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